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Fitglow Beauty Lip Colour Serums

by Fitglow
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With a similar, superpowered base to Fitglow's Night Lip Serum, the brand's lip colour serums have become just as popular. They go beyond adding colour and hydration to the lips by improving lip structure and health to diminish signs of aging with vegan collagen, organic pomegranate sterols, and beet extract. Lips look full, glossy, and airbrushed with just a hint of natural-looking colour after applying.


JAM: Blackberry Shimmery Sheer

BEAM: Golden Hour Shine

CHEER: Magenta

RISE: Vibrant Coral

BLOOM: Bloom is a sheer berry shade with a subtle touch of shimmer. Think your natural lip colour, but fancier. Easy wearing on its own or as part of an understated glam look.

CHERRY: Another popular summer shade from Fitglow, Cherry is a succulent, show-stopping shade of red that leaves behind a fruit-stained look from that of strawberries, raspberries, and of course, cherries. It's warming and more vivid than a lot of Fitglow's lip colour serums.

GLEAM: Gleam is a beige-y nude that's fit for a Kardashian. Its understated, pretty, and simply highlights your natural lip colour with a bit of shine.

GO: Baby Pink Nude

GOSPEL: Easily ShopEco's bestselling lip colour serum, Gospel is a warm berry nude that flatter anyone who tries it on. Its peppy shade gives you just the right amount of gloss and just the right amount of colour.

HALO: A creamy, soft brown nude for an elevated everyday look. The perfect neutral to compliment any skin tone.

JUICE: Juice is a sheer cherry shade that has similarities to the Cherry Lip Colour Serum, with just a bit more pink. Its succulent, warming, and leaves behind a fruit-stained look.

NUDIE: Nudie is a mauvey shade that's mixed with neutrals to offer natural-looking colour and shine.

REGAL: Regal is a royal sheer purple that heightens your looks to the peak of sophistication all year round but certainly compliments Fall and Winter. 

ROOT: Root is a deeper, earthy nude with hints of red and orange in it. It appears as more of a glossy lip stain that comes without the painstaking removal process of one.

Organic. Gluten free. 10g tube. 100% woman-owned business. 

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