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Fitglow Beauty Vita Active Foundation - VF6.5

by Fitglow
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A creamy, hydrating, serum like foundation that provides an airbrushing finish. Fitglow's Vita Active Foundations are more than just a way to perfectly even skin tone - they're a healthy way to nourish your complexion with clinically proven superfoods and essential vitamins. The uniquely curated ingredients help to dramatically boost skin's ability to diminish spots, freckles, and sun damage. The Vita-Active foundations put worries about flaking or oily residue to bed, and the lightweight formula leaves skin clear, smooth, and radiant with daily use. It is a powerhouse makeup and skincare product in one convenient bottle.

Filled with a collection of skin brightening ingredients such as vitamin C, botanical hyaluronic acid, seaweed, and beta-carotene to reduce hyperpigmentation while providing coverage. The Vita Active foundations increase collagen production while simultaneously pumping the skin full of hydration. They spread evenly across the skin and allow other makeup products to blend easily over top. Plus, the Vita Active Foundations protects from environmental damage while reducing spots and refining skin texture. 

VF6.5: For deep skin with cool tones.

Organic. Paraben and silicone-free. 30ml bottle. 100% woman-owned business.

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