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Artifact Butterfly Blue Facial Oil

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The Butterfly Blue Facial Oil from Artifact gently calms and visibly soothes sensitive, blemish-prone skin and reduces the appearance of redness for a healthier complexion.

Formulated to be lightweight and quick-absorbing, this deep ocean-blue face oil blend of butterfly pea flower, blue tansy petal, and blueberry seed contains super antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids to help nurture the skin's moisture barrier.

Butterfly Pea Flower: Helps to smooth and reduce the signs of aging
Blue Tansy Petal: Soothes skin and reduces redness
Blueberry Seed: Replenishes the skin's moisture barrier

Gluten free.


In the lush tropical lands of Thailand grows the Butterfly Pea Flower. This flowering vine, known for its indigo blooms and inflammatory properties, has been treasured by traditional healers to treat the locals for hundreds of years. 

A blue butterfly is a symbol of joy and happiness. When one appears before you, it is often thought to bring sudden good luck and ones wish to come true. 

30 ml - 1 fl.oz.

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