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What You Should Know About Beauty in Your 60s and Beyond

What You Should Know About Beauty in Your 60s and Beyond

Dear ones that are in your 60s and beyond, I adore you! You are receptive to advice but you also reciprocate with your own wisdom. It is a joy to listen when you share what you've tried and what does and doesn't work for you at this point. Your outlook on life and beauty is generally so refreshing and balanced; I refer to it as your 'self care philosophy.' 

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Self Care Philosophy

You've reached peak beauty routine and pampering is a must. You're still interested in exploring new products, and even if you've simplified your routine (see below) you still enjoy elegant formulations. You appreciate the value of a good, long soak. You have a no nonsense approach and expect your beauty experience to be seamless - if you're applying a mask, you want a brush for application, not your fingers, because who can be bothered with the mess? You have a firm understanding that self care isn't selfish and that sacrificing your wellness isn't honourable.

Simply Effective

You may have grown low fuss in your routine but you want your products to work overtime. If you've found yourself paring down your routine in recent years, you're not alone, as many of your peers have done the same. You're reaching for products that multitask and ones that deliver targeted results, such as serums and elevated facial masks.  

If this sounds like you, check out these top picks:

1. 100% Pure Multivitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum

If you've been following this article series you definitely know vitamin C and retinol are key to optimal skin health. Instead of two separate products and two separate steps, try this effective serum featuring 10% vitamin C, 10% niacinamide, 10% vitamin E, and 1% retinol.

2. Schaf Age Repair Cream

Moisturize your face and eyes with this gentle yet effective product. Schaf's Age Repair Cream works to bring hydration, reduce the appearance of line, strengthen, soothe, and protect against environmental stressors with 10% hyaluronic acid, 8% niacinamide, 8% peptides, 8% antioxidants, 5% olive squalane, and 3% coenzyme Q10.

3. Fitglow Beauty Peony Exfoliating Cleansing Cream

Ideal for those that prefer a time sensitive routine, this exfoliating cleansing cream gently reveals brighter, softer skin without tugging or pulling on delicate skin tissues. Contains lactic acid to deeply refresh skin. Application and use is quick and simple and can be used up to three times a week in the evening.

4. Fitglow Beauty Peony Pink Clay Detox Mask

For those that take a more leisurely approach to their at-home spa routine, this mask is truly pampering. The Peony Pink Clay Detox Mask works to both exfoliate and refresh the skin while brightening and smoothing the complexion.

Moisture Rich

As noted in the previous article for those in their 50s, you may find that your skin is much drier than it was in previous years and that you are reaching for richer serums and moisturizers for both your face and body. Click here to read the sections titled 'Moisture Rich' and 'Slough it Off' to better understand the sources that may be drying your skin and some practical tips to mitigate these changes.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is still essential! Although many of the 60+ crowd are pretty good about their SPF practices, surprisingly, there is a segment of this populace that don't believe in SPF or feel it's too late for them. Even if you have hyperpigmentation on your face and body from prior sun exposure, also known as sun spots or liver spots, you still need SPF and it's not too late. Although melanoma is one of the top cancers in younger adults, the average age of diagnosis is still in the early 60s. Keep in mind that your skin is now thinner than it once was and with age you are more susceptible to anomalies and irregularities on the surface of your skin. 

ShopEco has everything you need, from head to toe, to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Check out our selection here.

Nail It

As we mature, it is not uncommon for nails to become thicker, drier, or even brittle. This is where nourishing nail supports come in handy (pun intended). We'll circle back to these supports in a moment.

Our nails can experience these changes for a variety of reasons:

- normal chronological aging
- underlying medical conditions
- medications
- fungal infections
- slower nail growth
- vitamin and mineral depletion

It is important to share these changes with your physician at your annual physical to explore any unaddressed medical concerns, and sooner if you suspect a fungal infection.

Once you've addressed these changes from a medical standpoint, there are a few supports you can do on the wellness front.

1. File your nails regularly and in one direction, not in a seesaw fashion. If your nails are prone to breaking, keeping them short will help prevent splits or tears. Using an ultra-gentle nail file like this glass nail file is most ideal. Additionally, a nail buffer is a handy tool to help reduce the appearance of ridges. Just don't over-buff.

2. Don't overexpose your hands to water or soak too long (unless you're softening thick toenails before clipping). Water will dehydrate nails further. Wear dish gloves when cleaning your home and washing dishes.

3. Give your nails a weekly treatment with Amal's ever versatile Argan Oil. A natural source of conditioning vitamin E, argan oil is a luxurious treat for your nail beds and cuticles. In a small finger bowl, dispense enough argan oil to soak your finger tips. Warm briefly in the microwave for an extra soothing treat. Soak nails and cuticles up to 20 minutes. Finish by gently massaging argan oil into nails and cuticles and pat dry with a paper towel.

4. Lock in moisture with Faerhaven's cult-favouite Solid Hand Lotion. These are fantastic to keep bedside or in your handbag for on the go hydration. Ideal for hands, nails, and cuticles.

5. This beauty ritual from generations past is anything but an old wives tale beauty ritual. Before bed, apply an extra thick layer of moisturizer and slip your hands into these cotton gloves to help deeply nourish. Turns out your great aunt was right!

Polished to Perfection

You've likely visited the previous post for those in their 50s as mentioned above, so I won't flog the topic of exfoliation, but I do want to mention that you should take a gentle approach to your exfoliation routine and use products that won't tug and pull at thinning skin. Serum based exfoliants such as this one or this one are fantastic for the face, and gentle body tools like this or this that aren't too coarse are a necessity for the body.

Makeup Staples

Your makeup bag is just as strategic as your skin care cubby. Although nothing is off the table, you most likely enjoy tinted moisturizers, concealer, mascara, liners for lips and eyes, and blush (because you know a pop of colour goes a long way to brighten and refresh the look of the complexion!)

Top 5 cosmetic tips:

1. Tinted moisturizers are great for everyday use. They even out the complexion without making the face look overdone, while imparting dewy radiance. Unlike foundation, they impart a softer finish over fine lines and wrinkles. Yet to try a tinted moisturizer? Try this customer favourite from Graydon or one of these from Coola. You can also sheer out your favourite Vita Active Foundation or Essential Foundation with a bit of your daily moisturizer.

2. Conceal the darkest part of your under eye and use a brush for best blending. If possible, avoid the outer corner of the eye where smile lines are the fullest.

3. If you find makeup wicks into fine lines, use a setting powder to lightly dust and keep makeup in place.

4. If your cheeks are still full and not experiencing a lot of downward drag when at rest, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you're experiencing volume loss or elasticity loss, apply blush further back on the cheek and higher onto the cheekbone.

5. Eye and lip liners are the best tools to bring definition to the face and don't ignore a good eyebrow pencil if you're experiencing spars brows.

This is a snapshot of what you should know about beauty in your 60s and beyond. If you have questions, leave a comment below.

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Melissa Menard is a certified aesthetician with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. She enjoys all things French lifestyle, flowers, and a good lipstick (despite the mask mandate).


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