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What You Should Know About Beauty In Your 30s

What You Should Know About Beauty In Your 30s

For those of you yet to reach 30, I tell you from personal experience that it is fabulous! When speaking with 30-something clients, most agree with the notion of being much more confident and comfortable with who they are. For those of you 40, 50, and 60+, you've told me that it just keeps getting better. This is perhaps the best beauty secret of them all; deepening inner beauty. Wisdom aside, the following are some tips to keep in mind when approaching the physical realm of your beauty sphere.  

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Serums: Move Beyond the Basics

When you were in your 20s you developed a nice basic routine that likely involved using a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and a good sunscreen. You may have dabbled with other skin care products, especially if a trend caught your eye, but now you're ready to get serious and take your routine to the next level. Let me introduce you to your skin's new BFFs: retinol and retinol-like serums, and vitamin C serums.

Dermatologists and skin care experts agree that if you are looking to support the healthy aging of your skin, you should be reaching for products that contain these two actives while using sunscreen daily.

Retinol and Bakuchiol

Retinol is a superstar skin care ingredient. Derived from vitamin A, retinol helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, boost lagging skin cell renewal rates, assist in addressing skin conditions such as acne and hyperpigmentation, and more. In the simplest of terms, retinol works by bolstering your collagen production.

Retinol is a highly active ingredient that at certain doses can sometimes leave skin flaky, irritated, and more susceptible to sunburn. However, when you reach for one of these products from our shelves they are at doses that are very skin tolerant to prevent these sorts of concerns. Though we do still encourage you to use your sunscreen daily.

Bakuchiol is basically retinol's kid sister. There have been several very promising studies that indicate it behaves very similarly to retinol, but without the irritation that can sometimes accompany retinol usage, making it a great alternative for those that have hyper sensitive skin.

At ShopEco, retinol and bakuchiol can be found in some of your favourite serums and moisturizers. If you're ready to incorporate these amazing ingredients into your nighttime routine, check out these fan favourites: Fitglow Beauty Vita Youth Oil, Fitglow Beauty Vita Rich Bakuchiol Crème, 100% Pure Multi-Vitamin PM Serum 1% Retinol, Graydon Skincare Fullmoon Serum, and Fitglow Beauty Night Essence.

If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you should avoid using retinol in your routine. Bakuchiol is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy, but you should consult your doctor to confirm that this ingredient is right for you.

Vitamin C

Now that we've boosted your nighttime routine, let's supercharge your mornings with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that works to help brighten and even your complexion. It's especially useful for targeting hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory pigmentation from acne. Due to its antioxidant properties, you'll find that most vitamin C serums are directed for daytime usage to protect your skin from the environmental stressors that you will encounter throughout your day, such as pollution and sun damage.

Although vitamin C is an active ingredient, most tolerate this ingredient well. If you are sensitive, we are happy to provide you with a tester of the vitamin C infused product you're longing to try.

Vitamin C boosted favourites: Fitglow Beauty Vita Active Cleanser, Fitglow Beauty Vita Active Serum 20% Vitamin C, Fitglow Beauty Eye C Firm 5% Vitamin C, Fitglow Beauty Age Clear Serum Pads, Schaf Skincare Revitalizing Serum 15% Vitamin C, 100% Pure Vitamin C Boost, Consonant Skincare Vitamin C + Licorice Serum, and Fitglow Beauty Vita Active Foundation.


Makeup is still fun and you should definitely still explore, but now that you're in your 30s you likely have your signature routine down to a science. You may even be looking to hone your signature scent through fragrance. 

Out of all the cosmetics you may have in your arsenal, concealer has become your holy grail item to disguise long days at the office or spent running errands with your kids. Dark circles in your 30s begin to appear darker than they did when in your 20s, especially since volume is starting to decrease in the under eye area.

For those days when you need an under eye product to go the extra mile, try a colour corrector. Fitglow Beauty's Correct+ Colour Correctors work overtime to diminish purple, blue, and red tones that can make under eyes appear bruised or tired-looking, all while delivering some truly beneficial ingredients to nourish delicate under eye tissues.

As you near the latter part of your 30s, you'll begin to notice changes to your skin and may need to begin adjusting your makeup application. As lines begin to develop, a dusting of setting powder will help prevent makeup from moving and settling into these fine creases. Lip liners are fantastic to help bring definition to your natural lip line that may be starting to fade. Brow pencils are helpful to fill any sparse spots that might be starting to crop up. Reach for this brow and lash serum to start supporting your brow and lash growth now, especially if you are a new mom experiencing postpartum hair loss from shifting estrogen levels.

This is a snapshot of what you should know about beauty in your 30s. If you have questions and want to chat about this topic, leave a comment below.

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Melissa Menard is a certified aesthetician with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. She enjoys all things French lifestyle, flowers, and a good lipstick (despite the mask mandate).

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