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Shop in store for more selection and deeper discounts on select items.
Trending Self Care: Embriodery

Trending Self Care: Embriodery

Embroidery is returning as a popular activity to help combat stress, promote relaxation, and encourage mindfulness. According to On the Cuff Embroidery, "Embroidery as a form of therapeutic activity became popular during World War I when wounded soldiers use it to overcome their grief due to loss, injury, and the trauma they encountered on the battlefields." Little wonder they're making a comeback given the ongoing stress and grief of our current crisis.

Embroidery Kits from Oriwest

Created with an eye to nature and a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced, Oriwest's embroidery kits contain materials and instructions to create your own decorative embroidery piece.

Who They're For

If you're looking for a quiet way to unwind at the end of the day, embroidery kits are a lovely choice.

Why They're Special

The creator of these particular embroidery kits was taught by her grandmother and has been enjoying the practice of embroidery since the 1980s.

How To Use Them

Choose your favourite design (simpler ones for beginners, more detailed ones if you're more experienced), put on some relaxing music, and settle into your favourite cozy chair. Follow the instructions included with your kit and get started!

What to Pair Them With

Level up the coziness with a super-soft Oversized Tie-Dye Turkish Towel (we like to use them as throw blankets!). Layer in more self care by giving yourself a mini foot treatment with Faerhaven's Body Balm and these booties to lock in the moisture.

Personalized Advice

Not sure which Embroidery Kit will be right for you? Book a free virtual personal shopping consult with ShopEco team member, Melissa Menard. She'll help you pick the perfect one, and select anything else that might be on your wish list.



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