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Shop in store for more selection and deeper discounts on select items.
The Ultimate Winter Skin Essentials Gift guide

The Ultimate Winter Skin Essentials Gift guide

Similar to how our hands are subject to constant washing and sanitizing as a result of COVID-19, our skin is confronted by the harsh winter elements every single day.

More often than not, our coldest season turns existing skin conditions on their head, leading to flare-ups, extreme dryness, and chapped lips, amongst other things. So, what can you do to prevent this series of unfortunate events from happening? 

First and foremost, stick to your skin care routine. Second: hydrate and protect your skin’s delicate lipid barrier. Last, boost your skin cells with the essential vitamins and nutrients from superfoods and other plant-based ingredients it may lack throughout the winter months by using the right products

Whether you’re looking to replenish your own selection of skin care items with cold weather necessities or have interest in outfitting a loved one’s cabinets with presents for their complexion this year, this gift guide for you.  


E-Cream and Carotene Glow


Skin Essence E-Cream

A perfect gift for skin that is: Red, dry, and impossibly itchy

Think of Skin Essence’s E-Cream as a cure-all salve for winter skin woes: a delicately balanced balm that offers instant calm to troubled complexions. Formulated using a highly concentrated blend of healing plant extracts like calendula, beeswax, chickweed, and gotu kola, it effectively soothes red, sunburnt, insect bitten, and dry/itchy skin in a snap. 

Cocoon Apothecary Carotene Glow

A perfect gift for skin that is: Dull and in need of anti-aging support

Like liquid gold, Cocoon Apothecary’s Carotene Glow drops were designed to be activated by serums and moisturizers that simply enhance their bioactive properties. Packed with nutrient rich botanical extracts and antioxidants that support the skin's barrier, a small amount of Carotene Glow creates a warm and healthy-looking complexion. Organic sea buckthorn, pomegranate and rosehip oils work together to repair dry skin while Frankincense CO2 soothes and revitalizes it. Once you customize your skincare routine, you’ll never look back. 

(Interested in professional advice on how to personalize your skin care routine? Schedule your consultation with our aesthetician today.)


Night Lip Serum

Fitglow Night Lip Serum

A perfect gift for skin that is: Chapped and deflated 

Fitglow's Night Lip Serum is not only ShopEco's best-selling gloss (and a great stocking stuffer), it's also the most hydrating and pleasant-smelling lip serum there is. Applied before bed, it transforms the appearance of lips overnight by softening them with unique plant ceramides and restoring their moisture barrier to protect from water loss. Plus, the Night Lip Serum is an anti-aging superhero thanks to a mega dose of vegan collagen that helps improve lip cell structure and increase volume for your juiciest pout ever. Best of all, its sweet vanilla scent is oh-so kissable! 

Graydon Holiday Gift Set

A perfect gift for skin that is: In need of extra protection, hydration, and an anti-aging supplement

Graydon Moffat’s favourite thing to do is make a “Skin Smoothie” with a number of her products before massaging them in for a major antioxidant pick-me-up. Now, you can do the same with Graydon Skincare’s Holiday Gift Set! It includes three of Graydon’s best-selling products: the Berry Rich Probiotic Face Cream filled with blue majik (Graydon's favourite superfood), the Fullmoon Serum laced with botanical retinol, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, and the Face Food Mineral Mist to tone and help lock-in moisture. Even better, the Holiday Gift Set is suitable for all skin types, making gifting easier than ever. (Pictured at top of page.)

Fitglow Weekend Reset Kit

A perfect gift for skin that is: Lusterless and uneven (and also in need of an anti-aging supplement)

Featuring a high-performing, exfoliating cleanser and mask that will keep your skin radiant throughout the winter, the Fitglow Weekend Reset Kit provides a brightening boost and helps restore elasticity. Used two or three times a week, the Peony Exfoliating Cleansing Creme and Peony Pink Clay Detox Mask work together to naturally heighten skin clarity and elasticity, decrease the look of fine lines, remove makeup, dead skin cells, and impurities. Gift this duo to someone who needs a complete winter skin reset. 

(Pictured at top of page.)



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