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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Frontline Workers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Frontline Workers

This holiday season, there’s a bright light shining on frontline workers as they continue to help and protect people that have been impacted by COVID-19. Before our province went into lockdown, our firefighters, doctors, nurses, janitors, and all other professions involved in the management of the coronavirus were already working tirelessly to be at our sides when we needed them most. 

The selfless acts of frontline workers, big or small, are honourable during a time when they are putting their health at risk as well. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and at ShopEco, we want to make sure that every person in a frontline position receives the love and appreciation they deserve this Christmas.

If you have a friend or family member on the frontlines, or if you’re a former inpatient who would like to treat your favourite nurse to something special, check out our gift guide for frontline workers below. From hydrating hand lotions for constantly-gloved hands to a wellness supplement that manages stress levels, we’ve got you covered.   

  1. Faerhaven Solid Hand Lotions

The perfect gift for: Anyone who’s washing their hands or wearing gloves 24/7. 

Since Faerhaven's solid hand lotions protect longer than conventional cream formulas and last through several hand washings, they make the perfect gift for frontline workers. There's no need to reapply every time they rinse their hands, and the scent of whichever solid hand lotion you choose will stick around after they dry off. Plus, the solid hand lotions are conveniently packaged in reusable tins that can fit in your pocket or your purse for on the go application. 

In scents like Cherry Danish, Lavender, Faerhaven’s signature “Bliss”, Pina Colada, Creamsicle, and Chocolate, the solid hand lotions are a sweet treat for cracked, dry, sore, and blistered palms. 

  1. Way of Will Stress Less Roller

The perfect gift for: The person who’s always on the go, even outside of work.

Way of Will’s soothing Stress Less Roller contains a 100 per cent natural essential oil remedy that’s formulated with a blend of calming and comforting scents. It works to comfort the mind and roll negative thoughts and emotions away in seconds. Its compact design is travel-ready and is ideal for those who need stress relief at work, at the gym, or on the road.

  1. Oneka Hand Sanitizer

The perfect gift for: Everyone and anyone who wants a travel-size sanitizer for on the go.  

The small, two-ounce spray bottle Oneka’s Hand Sanitizer comes in is convenient for carrying around in a purse, gym bag, or even someone’s pockets at work. The formula inside uses a blend of 70 per cent organic alcohol, moisturizing aloe vera, and a delicate infusion of botanical plant extracts and essential oils to protect your favourite frontline worker from harmful germs. The little bottles also make a great stocking stuffer. 

  1. Tealish Beautea Sleep tea

The perfect gift for: The person who has a hard time unwinding after work and getting to sleep. 

Sugarplum dreams are just around the corner for your favourite frontline worker too, thanks to this dreamy herbal tea from Toronto-based Tealish. A relaxing and rehydrating blend of valerian, chamomile flowers, and passion flower combined with notes of lavender, cherry, and lemon makes this citrusy, floral potion an easy send off to bedtime. 

  1. Well Told Stress Fighter Wellness Supplement

The perfect gift for: A loved one who’s constantly fatigued, working out all the time, or dealing with an emotionally taxing time in their life. 

Trust us - these stress-fighting vegan supplements from Well Told are no gimmick. They contain a simple and organic blend of reishi, lion's mane, vegan capsule shells, and nothing else. Unlike the gelatine capsules that many brands choose, Well Told supplements are made with 100 percent vegan tapioca or cellulose derived from pine trees. With the added benefits of the ingredients in the Stress Fighter blend, this once a day supplement calms the body and the mind by adapting to the body's unique needs.



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