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Free shipping on Canadian orders $149+
The Most Important Product for Healthy Aging

The Most Important Product for Healthy Aging


It's a fact: If you're looking to reduce the signs of aging, there's nothing more effective than protecting your skin from the sun.

The Perfect Sunscreen from Consonant Skin+Care

Like many of our brands, Consonant Skin+Care was created because its founder, Bill Baker, was dealing with his own skin struggles. Those issues cleared up almost overnight when he made the switch to natural skincare, and over the next several years, he worked with cosmetic chemists to develop his own line of products. The result is a standout line of skincare that's received awards and mentions from Chatelaine, Harpers Bazaar, The Globe and Mail, and more.

Their Perfect Sunscreen has been a bestseller at ShopEco for years, and frequently sells out during the warm weather months. We recommend picking up what you'll need for spring and summer now.

Who It's For

The Perfect Sunscreen is for folks who want a mineral sunscreen but don't love the whitish cast most mineral SPF tends to leave.

Why It's Special

Micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide give broad-spectrum coverage, and a subtle tint helps it blend into skin. Jojoba oil is closest to skin's natural sebum and moisturizes without heaviness.

How To Use It

Apply generously to face, neck, and décolletage. Those with normal to oily skin can use The Perfect Sunscreen in place of moisturizer. Those with skin on the drier side will want to apply a moisturizer first. SPF is the last step in your skin care routine, before makeup.

What to Pair It With

Complete your sun protection with Hurraw SPF lip balm and Badger Clear Zinc Sport for body.

Personalized Advice

Not sure whether The Perfect Sunscreen will be right for you? Book a virtual skin care consult with our aesthetician, Melissa Menard. She'll discuss your skin care goals and preferences with you and create your custom skin routine.



Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a voracious reader, and a bona fide skin care fanatic. Current skin care obsession: Consonant Vitamin B3 + Zinc Serum. Current read: At Home With Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott.

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