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Free Canadian shipping for orders $99+.
Free Canadian shipping for orders $99+.
Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

Gift giving can be a major source of anxiety around the holidays. This week, I won't be able to help you get your shopping done in 10 minutes or less, but if you read through these 5 pro tips, you're bound to get through your list with less stress.

1. If you haven't already, get started now. 

Shortages and shipping delays mean popular items will likely run out early. Make some time today to review your gift giving list and formulate a plan to get started.

2. Shop when it's less busy.

If your schedule allows it, shop when you're less likely to encounter crowded shops and long lineups.

Traffic patterns will depend on the type of business and its location, but as a general rule, the first and last hours of the day will be slowest. Weekdays between 2 and 3:30 p.m or after 5pm, Saturdays after 3 p.m., and pretty much all day Monday will also be slower.

Also, don't forget your local shops! Small businesses often don't experience the crowds you'll find at the big box stores and tend to offer a more peaceful shopping experience.

3. Pick a theme.

As much as I love going all out and choosing a perfectly unique gift for every person on my list, with a busy schedule, this ends up causing me an enormous amount of stress. So I've started picking a theme each year, at least for key recipients. One year everyone got diffusers, another year it was charcuterie boards. Then I customize the gifts by adding a different book that I selected for each person.

Even if you're not buying exactly the same gift for everyone, a theme narrows your options and stresses your brain less.

4. Make it practical.

Studies show that practical gifts that recipients can use in their everyday lives are more well-received than fancier, more exotic gifts.

A recent poll in the ShopEco Insiders Facebook group bore this out, with skin care beating out all other categories by a landslide for the gift our followers would most like to receive this year. (Not sure which skin care products are right for your recipients? Our knowledgeable staff can help you make your selections.)

5. Let us do the legwork.

Victoria, our Store Manager and resident Gifting Guru, is happy to do your shopping for you! Send her your price point and a little bit of information about your recipients' likes and preferences, and she'll select the perfect custom gifts for everyone on your list. She can even package them for you in a gift bag or box. (Reach Victoria Monday, and Wednesday through Saturday, at or 519-735-2200, or stop by the shop.)

You don't even have to leave the comfort of your home if you don't want to - we'll deliver to your doorstep for free anywhere in Windsor-Essex if your order is $40 or more.

Take care of yourself,


Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a beauty and self care boutique located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her mission is to help you thrive through self care you can feel good about. For more self care tips delivered to your inbox and a special birthday treat, click here to subscribe.

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