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Begin Again

Begin Again

Life is full of setbacks. Often, just as we're getting excited about the progress we're making, something unexpected occurs and we're right back where we started.

The biggest lesson I've learned from meditating daily for the past year is that the most important thing we can do when we stray off track is "begin again."

In mindfulness meditation, we're training the mind to focus and observe whatever comes up with equanimity. But our mind is always going to wander to some extent - that doesn't mean we've failed at meditating. We just notice what happened and start again, no matter how many times we lose focus.

This has helped me most when it comes to movement. I've been doing yoga for about twenty years, but because I'm frequently dealing with autoimmune flareups, I lose ground often and am still at a beginner level.

This used to frustrate me enormously, to the point where I would want to give up and stop practicing altogether. But thanks to mindfulness meditation, I've learned to find joy in just getting on the mat and meeting my body wherever it happens to be that day.

This week, explore the concept of beginning again by listening to this short meditation. I love Joseph Goldstein's straightforward style and accessible approach. Let me know what you think.



Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a voracious reader, and a bona fide skin care fanatic.

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