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A Pandemic Self Care Roundup

A Pandemic Self Care Roundup

Self care has been a struggle for many this year - healthcare workers pushed to their limit, parents trying to maintain their full-time work with kids at home all day, entrepreneurs pivoting, pivoting, and then pivoting again, introverts losing their "alone time" when the whole family is working from home, extroverts missing their social lives.

While a lot of us have realized the real importance of self care this year, we've also had to rethink how taking care of ourselves works in the middle of a pandemic.

This week, I've rounded up articles and videos on pandemic self care - take your pick, and see if you can find one thing to try this week.

Article: 6 Self-Care Steps for a Pandemic - Always Important, Now Essential. Solid self care advice from a team of primary care physicians on the front lines (but applicable to everyone).

Video: How to Create Meaningful Connections While Apart. One of our biggest lessons of 2020 was the absolute non-negotiable nature of connection for our health, both mental and physical. This video will take more than 10 minutes to watch, but Priya Parker has valuable information to share.

Article: How Parental Self-Care Helps Kids Weather Pandemic Stress. Parents' self care is essential to kids' wellbeing. Find out more about how this plays out.

Article: In Pandemic Era's Isolation, Meaning of 'Self Care' Evolves. The little things matter too, and often run deeper than we think. How the pandemic is changing how we participate in traditional self care activities.

Article: What Happens When You Can't Afford Self Care. For many, the concept of self care feels like an impossibility. This writer's self care takes five minutes and costs nothing.

Video: Self Care for the Holidays During a Pandemic. I love Deb Dana's concept of "glimmers".

Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a voracious reader, and a bona fide skin care fanatic.

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Melissa - January 5, 2021

This is such a good and helpful article. Thank you for acknowledging this topic and the way in which you did.

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