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3 Ways to Create a Vision Board to Turn Your Vision Into a Reality

3 Ways to Create a Vision Board to Turn Your Vision Into a Reality

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Do you have big dreams and goals? Do you have a picture in your mind of where you want your life to be in the future? Then creating a vision board may be just what you need!

A vision board is a collage of different inspirational images, words, etc. that represent your goals, dreams, and desires.

I personally love using vision boards to organize my goals and develop a focus to work towards.

This post is going to outline 3 ways to create a vision board and how to use it to bring your vision to a reality.

What are the benefits of a vision board?

Develop healthy goals

A vision board can help you organize your thoughts and allow you to establish healthy goals. Goal setting will give you something to work towards and the sense of achievement when you reach your goals will be so satisfying.

For more information on how to set goals and successfully achieve them, read more here.

Find inspiration

Creating a vision board will also help you find inspiration. As you work to find the right photos and words to include in your vision board, you’ll likely discover a lot of inspiration along the way.

Keep your vision top of mind

Creating a vision board will also help you keep those goals and dreams at the top of your mind. This means you won’t lose sight of your goals even when life gets crazy busy.

Now that we’ve talked about some of the benefits of making a vision board, let’s go over how to create a vision board to turn your vision into reality.

Decide what matters most

Before you get started on your vision board, take a little bit of time to reflect on what really matters to you. This reflection time will help you organize your thoughts and figure out the right goals you want to set.

Think about one or two areas of your life you want to work on something. If you try to improve your entire life at once, you might get overwhelmed so I recommend picking a couple of areas you can focus on.

Pick short-term or long-term goals

Next, decide whether or not you want your vision board to represent short-term or long-term goals.

Maybe there’s an event or opportunity next month you want to prepare for, or maybe you want to create some goals for next year.

Choose your medium

Next, you’ll need to choose what medium you want to use to create your vision board. Decide whether or not you want to make a physical, paper vision board or a digital vision board.

I like both options, sometimes it’s fun to go old school with some paper and glue or it can also be nice to have a digital version as well.

Paper and pictures

The classic vision board – some magazine cut outs into a collage! Gather up some old magazines or print off some inspirational photos and words on your computer.

Then use tape or glue to make a collage of all of your photos and words.
While there are pros and cons to both digital and paper vision boards, there is definitely a sense of satisfaction that comes from actually putting it together using your hands.


Another way to make a vision board is digitally using Canva. Canva is a graphic design platform that is free to use with optional paid upgrades. However, everything you need to make a vision board is completely free!

You can search from tons and tons of stock photos to find just the right inspirational images for your vision board. Then, click “Create a Design” and choose the size document you want. I usually go with the US Letter Size (8.5″ x 11″).

There are a bunch of different elements you can add to your vision board. I definitely recommend using a grid feature listed under elements especially for your first vision board. There are a bunch of grids to choose from, and it is essentially a pre-made collage with places to insert your photos.

This way, it comes out in a really visually appealing design even if you don’t have a design background.

You can also freestyle the design – totally up to you!

Here’s an example of a vision board that I made recently using Canva to give you some inspiration:
If you’re feeling inspired, click here to create your vision board using Canva.


Lastly, another great medium to use for creating a vision board is through Pinterest.

On Pinterest, you can create different boards and “pin” images, quotes, videos, etc. to those boards.

You can make boards for your health, exercise, beauty, or whatever category your goals fall into.

Use the search function to find the right visuals for your board and get pinning away!

Click here to see some examples of what you can do with Pinterest.

How to bring your vision board into reality…

Okay so now you’ve made your vision board (and it looks amazing, obvi!) but now what How do you make your vision board truly turn into reality?

Put it somewhere you will see often

The key to reaching your goals is to remind yourself of those goals – and often.
If you made a paper vision board, hang it up somewhere you’ll see it often like your bathroom mirror or bedroom wall.

If you made a digital vision board, you can print it out and do the same thing. Or you can also make it your computer’s desktop screensaver for a digital reminder each day!

Check in on your progress

Another key tip to turning your vision board into reality is to check in on your progress every now and then.

Even if you see your vision board often, it’s also important to do a little self evaluation every now and then to mark your progress. This will give you a good idea on whether or not you’re on the right track or might need to adjust your approach as you continue towards your goals.

Make changes as needed

After evaluating your progress, determine if you need to make any changes in order to reach your goal.

You might also want to evaluate if you need to make any changes to your vision board. Has it lost its inspirational vibe? Is one word no longer jiving with you? Change it up a little!

And of course, once you reach your goals, you can always make a whole new vision board.

Those are the 3 ways create a vision board and turn your vision into reality.

A vision board has many benefits including helping you find inspiration and organizing your thoughts to establish goals.

Use the tips in this post to create a vision board that will help you drive progress towards your goals and help you find the success you deserve.

Comment below with your favourite way to make a vision board!

Erin Amborski is a self care enthusiast and blogger. In her blog, Self Care Seeker, Erin helps women through their self care journeys by writing about physical and mental health topics such as exercise, skin care, anxiety, etc. In today’s world with life’s daily stresses, we could all use a little more self care. To embark on your own self care journey, check out the Self Care Seeker website and subscribe to download free life changing self care resources.

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