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Music for Wellness: A Playlist

Music for Wellness: A Playlist

Music may be the easiest way to add beauty and richness to our lives. Putting on some tunes can enhance the atmosphere we're looking to create, or completely change our mood.

But the benefits of music go deeper than that: studies show it can actually make us healthier. From reducing stress and anxiety, to improving immune function, to aiding pain management, music can in some cases even be more powerful than medication.

Music plays many roles in my own life, and I most often use it for relaxation. I tend to get stuck in "go mode' and it's one of the only things that can soothe my nerves and help me rest.

This week, I'm sharing with you my personal daytime playlist. It's cheerful and uplifting, while still promoting a feeling of calm and relaxing jangled nerves. It also happens to be particularly perfect for a leisurely Sunday. Have a listen - I hope you enjoy!

Debra's Daytime Playlist

P.S. Not on Spotify? Check out some of my favourite artists: Crissi Cochrane, Benny Sings, Lisa Ekdahl, FM LAETI, and Yael Naim.

Take care of yourself,




Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a voracious reader, and a bona fide skin care fanatic. Current skin care obsession: The Perfect Sunscreen from Consonant. Current read: Face by Justine Bateman.

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Debra Purdy - April 26, 2021

Thanks for reading/listening, Michelle!

michelle g - April 26, 2021

Thanks for sharing your playlist.

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