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Free shipping on Canadian orders $149+
How to Tell if Your Product is Expired

How to Tell if Your Product is Expired

Using your products past expiry can cause blemishes, skin infections, irritation, and accelerated aging.

In this video, ShopEco Aesthetician Melissa explains how to tell if your product is still safe to use, or if it's time to toss it.

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Melissa - November 16, 2022

Hi Darlene,

So glad you found the video helpful and thank you so much for watching! This is a great question for your certified beauty coach! ;) As your coach I encourage you to say goodbye to these beloved colours. I looked at your purchasing record and they are quite old. Alas, it’s time. Book an appointment with me for a colour refresh and I’ll help you find some new favourites. You can bring back your retired lipsticks for recycling in our TerraCycle bins.

Thanks for reaching out!


Darlene P. - November 9, 2022

Thanks so much for this helpful video Melissa! I ended up getting rid of all my makeup during the pandemic because it had clearly been over a year since I had to use it. I’ve been enjoying not having to wear it but I DID keep my RMS Beauty lipsticks because it hurt to throw those out. If I didn’t refrigerate them, should I be getting rid of those too? I appreciate your honesty. It’s for my own good!

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