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How to Reuse Your Candle Containers

How to Reuse Your Candle Containers

Candle season is upon us, which probably means you’ll eventually have several empty candle vessels kicking around. 

While you could certainly recycle them (we’ll take back any bits and pieces of your ShopEco candles not accepted in your blue bin for recycling with TerraCycle), why not repurpose them instead? 

Empty candle containers are ideal for many household uses - here are six to get you started.


Drinking Glass

The heavy, open-topped glass candle vessels from Coal and Canary and Arrow It Forward make great drinking glasses. Use the standard size jars for juice or mocktails, and the minis for espresso or shots. More on this from ShopEco Aesthetician, Melissa, here.

Faerhaven and Dot & Lil also make some of their candles in actual teacups and coffee mugs designed to be easily reused when you’re done with the candle inside.


DIY Body Care

Most of Faerhaven’s candles come in clear glass jars with a screw-top lid that are perfect for storing your DIY body care concoctions. Try this recipe for a simple body scrub or this one for a handmade bath soak.


Bathroom Storage (cotton swabs, rounds, etc.)

We like the lidded jars from My Weekend is Booked for storing bathroom toiletries such as cotton swabs or reusable cotton rounds. 


Mini Vase 

The sweet tin vessels from Mala the Brand candles align perfectly with the modern farmhouse interior design trend that’s so popular right now. Fill them with flowers and enjoy them at your bedside or at the breakfast table. We like to leave the labels on, but you could also soak the tins for a few hours in water and remove them.


Desktop Organizer

Any of the vessels from our candle brands could be used on your desktop to organize pens, pencils, paperclips, and more.


A New Candle!

The gorgeous vessels from Himalayan Candle Co. are designed to be refilled again and again with one of their fun and economical candle making kits. Refill again with your favourite scent, or try something new! Each kit makes up to 6 refills at only just over $8 each!


Take care of yourself,


Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a beauty and self care boutique located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her mission is to help you thrive through self care you can feel good about. For more self care tips delivered to your inbox and a special birthday treat, click here to subscribe.

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