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Shop in store for more selection and deeper discounts on select items.
How to Get The Perfect Lip

How to Get The Perfect Lip

It's been a long time coming but lips are back, baby! No longer hidden behind a mask at every social interaction, smiles are in full bloom. But after a year and a half under a mask, and still needing to wear one in most public settings, many of our clients have noticed that their lips are in need of some TLC. Further, keep in mind that any of the lip products you purchased pre-pandemic have now expired. Let's breathe new life into your lip care routine and ditch your old products while treating your lips to the much needed pampering they deserve.

Deep Treat

Start by gently scrubbing away flakes of rough, dry skin. When your lips are smooth they look healthiest and your cosmetics sit best. This Lip Scrubbing Mask is fantastic for imparting a surge of hydration when you allow it to rest on your lips for 5 minutes before working the formulation's blueberry and cranberry seed blend across your lips for a gentle, antioxidant powered exfoliation. Lip scrubs can be used on your delicate lip tissues up to three times per week.


If you have a facial roller at home, do pass it over your lips for a stimulating massage. It's one of my favourite areas to target with a facial roller. Our lips are full of nerve endings making massage a very pleasant experience. It's a rewarding practice because you can feel the stimulation of the circulatory and nervous systems, which encourages the delivery of nourishment to the area.


With UV rays being the number one accelerator of premature aging, protect your lips in the daytime with a good sun protection product. We're currently crushing on Canadian brand Ava Isa's Sun Lip Whips with SPF 15. Not only will you be giving your lips a shield against free radical damage, lips will be left feeling hydrated and looking dewy fresh.

Before you close your eyes at night, slick on a layer of this amazing Night Lip Serum. What makes this lip product so magical is its cocktail of supportive ingredients. Plant ceramides help protect your moisture barrier preventing moisture loss, while a whole bevy of ingredients work overtime to support healthy aging for a firmer, plumper feel.

Side Smile Boost

If one of your skin care goals is supporting healthy aging, this section is for you. Although not precisely your lips, the area above your upper lip and your smile lines (nasolabial folds and marionette lines) often begin to tie into your lip care routine with maturity. One easy way to target the skin in this area is to apply a small amount of your favourite anti-aging eye cream in the evening as a booster to your routine. If you want to give yourself an at-home spa treat, apply your favourite hydrating serum like this one from Antipodes and then place these reusable silicone eye masks over the lines you wish to target for 20 minutes. The deeper hydration will help to plump lines and soften their appearance.

Bring on the Colour

You've prepped your lips and they deserve to be shown off in a lavish new lip colour wardrobe!

If you're mature or using a very bright red or a dark, intense lip colour, apply a thin layer of foundation across your lips. This will provide you with an even canvas to work across and is one step towards preventing feathering. Depending on how much feathering you experience, a layer of setting powder can be applied to your lips as well. Otherwise, start by slicking a lightweight balm across your lips.

Next, apply your ideal shade of lip liner. If you have an uneven lip line, try working from the outer corners inward. You may find it helps to steady your line and create a more harmonious look. One of my favourite tricks is to quickly contour the lips with liner by filling in the back quarters of the upper and lower lips and leaving the center of your pout unfilled. It creates depth when you apply lipstick and gloss making lips appear fuller.

Now you're ready for colour. With Fitglow's new lip liners you can easily fill in your lips for a low fuss finish. However, if you're ready for a full lip, finish with a Lip Colour Serum, which just so happens to be a skin care product disguised as a lip gloss. There are so many great colours to choose from for a gorgeous wash of colour.

If you are like me and enjoy a maxed out lip look, check out the limited edition Ultimate Lip Lovers Kits. The Vibrant Pop kit is heart stopping beautiful for summer.

You're now patio season ready!




Melissa Menard is a certified aesthetician with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. She enjoys all things French lifestyle, flowers, and a good lipstick despite the mask mandate. 

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