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Shop in store for more selection and deeper discounts on select items.
How to Better Organize Your Bathroom and Vanity

How to Better Organize Your Bathroom and Vanity

Hi all! I'm thrilled to be a guest writer on the ShopEco blog. Today I am talking about a topic that is easy to write about, but isn’t always the easiest to practice in real life! Life and schedules are so busy these days, making it even harder to stay up on keeping your home organized. No one is perfect (including myself) but I find that that following these steps can make your bathroom, vanities and life a bit less chaotic!

1) Start fresh! Declutter and toss out outdated products. Personal care, make-up and skin-care products all have a best before date on them - make sure you’re keeping up on replacing expired items or disposing items that you no longer need/use.

2) Wipe surfaces and vacuum out cabinets/drawers. Oftentimes things can leak
inside your drawers or collect dust on your surfaces over time. We recommend
wiping all surfaces after your cabinets/closets are empty to ensure things are

3) This step is one of the most important to keep a well functioning space! Sort your products by everyday use and occasional use, bonus points if you can gather them by who uses them as well.

4) After you’ve sorted your products, we recommend grouping them and storing
them in baskets or bins. We love the clear plastic style bins because you can see everything that’s in them and they’re easier to keep clean. Once you’ve grouped your items, try and store your everyday use bins/basket at the most accessible spot in your bathroom cabinets and vanities.

5) Gadget storage is important to think about as well. How many of us have too
many styling tools with cords all tangled together? We recommend storing these products in a separate bin/basket OR you can hang them up using a gadget cabinetry hanger.

6) For any readers who buy in bulk, we always recommend getting small jars with pumps and decanting your bulk products. I like to buy small glass jars with hand pumps and fill those bottles vs having a massive bottle of shampoo on the floor or the racking in your bathtub. This creates an organized and uniform look for your bathroom and is much more environmentally friendly.

7) If you are that person who doesn’t mind having items on the countertop, you can put your everyday items in a neat spinning rack system or a tiered system. We like these systems because of their modern look, functionality and they are so space-saving!

8) Always keep a garbage bin in your bathroom. Additionally, if you have the space, a small recycling bin is very helpful too.

9) If you are someone who forever has laundry collecting on the floor, consider a
small pop-up laundry bin you can use daily and easily carry to the laundry
room. You can find a variety of baskets nowadays that keep bathroom looking
stylish or can easily tuck away in the bottom of a linen closet.

10)  If you are an avid cleaner like me, we recommend keeping disinfectant wipes in my bathroom and wipe down the countertop every other day to make sure it’s sparkling clean.

These are just a few of the steps we recommend you take to better organize your bathroom and vanity. There are ample ways to improve your space’s functionality, and suggest you create a routine that fits you best. We promise, that by following even a few of these recommendations you’ll be feeling like Marie Kondo in no-time. Happy organizing!



Markie Tuckett (she/her) is the proud owner, operate and lead designer at Timber + Plumb Kitchens and Cabinetry located in the heart of Riverside, Ontario. Her goal is to bring the home back into the house, and create an unforgettable space that reflects her client’s personality. Be a part of the Timber + Plumb community and learn more at Timber + Plumb.

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