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5 Ways to Use Epic Blend's Bubblegum Lip Butter

5 Ways to Use Epic Blend's Bubblegum Lip Butter

Today’s post was born out of a hilarious accident during my nighttime skin routine. 

Not too long ago, I was distractedly applying my evening skin care, when the power went out. I thought, “No big deal, I do this every night - I don’t need to see what I’m doing.” So I kept reaching for my products and applying them as usual.

Sometimes, when my skin is feeling particularly irritated (I have stubborn rosacea that has been in a constant flare from wearing a mask), I’ll top off my usual nighttime products with a layer of Province Apothecary’s Healing Eczema Balm. This night was one of those nights, so I grabbed what I thought was my tin of balm, and massaged it all over my face.

It wasn’t until the lights came back on and I took a deep breath that I realized what I had grabbed wasn’t the Eczema Balm at all - it was Epic Blend’s Bubblegum Lip Butter!

At that point I was pooped, and I didn’t feel like washing my face and starting over again. And besides, the lip butter has some lovely ingredients that I figured couldn’t do any harm, and it smells heavenly. So I shrugged and went to bed, and woke up the next morning with happy, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Which brings me to #1…


1. Slugging 

Slugging” is a skin care trend that originated in Korea and has made its way to North America via Tik Tok and Reddit. Technically, it’s slathering your face with petroleum jelly before you go to bed, but you can achieve a similar result with any balm-type product that has occlusives such as candelilla wax, beeswax, or shea butter near the top of the ingredient list.

If you’re breakout-prone, you’ll want to skip this practice, but for those of us who are on the dry side, it can be a helpful occasional skin treatment.

And if you don’t want to smell like bubblegum, or if you’d rather use something more economical, Faerhaven’s Non-Petroleum Jelly would be another good choice for a night of slugging.


2. Sheer beauty

Does your favourite lipstick shade feel like a bit much right now with the current minimalist makeup trend? Don’t toss it in the drawer! Bring it up to the moment by mixing it with your lip butter to create a sheer gloss.

Use a small scoop or paddle to add a tiny bit of your lip butter and a smudge of your lipstick to a palette or the back of your hand, and blend. Apply with your finger or a lip brush. Voila! You are once again on trend.


3. Get dewy

You’ve just finished applying your makeup and your skin is looking a little dull. Typically in this case, you’d reach for a cream highlighter, but another option is using a balm to strategically add a touch of dewiness to key areas of the face.

The trick is to use it sparingly, just to add a subtle sheen, so you don’t end up looking greasy. Warm a bit of your lip butter between your fingers, and pat it onto the tops of your cheekbones and along your brow bone.


4. Not just for the face

The benefits of your lip butter extend beyond your face! Massage your lip butter into cuticles in a downward motion every night, and with time you may find you don’t need to trim them anymore. Bonus: Your hands will smell amazing.


5. Tame flyaways

Your lip butter can be a quick fix for annoying flyaways and static after you’ve styled your hair. Again, the key here is going to be portion control. Just rub a bit between your fingers and smooth it lightly wherever you need it. Avoid looking greasy by starting with less than you think is required, and adding more if necessary.


We often feel confined to using a product the way it says to on the label. But almost any beauty product can be repurposed for more than one use, saving you time, money, and counter space. Want to hear more about my favourite multi-use products? Let me know in the comments below!



Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a beauty and self care boutique located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her mission is to help women thrive by prioritizing and feeling good about their self care. For more self care tips delivered to your inbox and a special birthday treat, click here to subscribe.

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