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5 Rituals to Welcome Spring

5 Rituals to Welcome Spring


Happy Spring! 

Last week, I talked about routines and rituals, and how, when performed with intention, they can enrich our lives. Rituals in particular are useful for times of transition, such as that of Winter to Spring. With that in mind, here are five rituals to welcome Spring joyfully.

Plant seeds

Whether you’re a longtime gardener or a beginner, planting seeds is a wonderful and stress-busting way to create a connection with the seasons. It’s too cold to grow outdoors just yet, but March is the perfect time to start seedlings for onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Herbs are also a classic choice for indoor growing year-round. We love Toronto-cultivated seeds from Urban Harvest. You can also find a great selection of seeds at Anna’s Home, Garden, and Wellness.

Watch the sunrise

Finally, the days are beginning to grow longer again. Experience the sunlight from start to finish by getting up early and watching the sunrise. Grab a thermos of tea and a cozy sweater, and head to your favourite east-facing vantage point for the show.

Create an arrangement

Nothing says abundance like a big, beautiful bunch of flowers or plants. Pussy willow is a classic spring choice, and if you have a friend with pussy willow on their property, they might let you “trim” their plants for free! Or, if florals are more your thing, ranunculus are in season and you can buy them locally-grown from Colour Pop Florals.

Go birdwatching

Southern Ontario is a destination for birders and we’re lucky to have lots of excellent birdwatching spots. Head to Ojibway Park, Point Pelee, Jack Miner, or any of the other classic locations in the area (check their websites for COVID restrictions before you go). Or, just take a stroll through your neighbourhood and see what you can see. On a walk last weekend, my husband and I spotted robins, blue jays, and a white-breasted nuthatch.

The classic Spring clean

Choose one area or do the whole house. Put out some snacks, turn on the tunes, open the windows (weather permitting), and make it fun! My favourite spring cleaning ritual is swapping out the clothes in my closet - cleaning and putting away bulky winter items, pulling out and steaming spring cardigans and blouses, setting aside items I want to donate or take to Rhyan’s Mess, and making note of things I need.


This week, choose one of the above rituals and make it your own by adding a personal creative twist. Will you enjoy your ritual alone, or with others? Will you make it simple, or elaborate? Is this something you might enjoy doing to welcome Spring every year? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care of yourself,




Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a voracious reader, and a bona fide skin care fanatic. Current skin care obsession: Fitglow Vita Youth Oil. Current read: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

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