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5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails to Enjoy Any Time

5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails to Enjoy Any Time

Non-alcoholic cocktails are having a moment. New, interesting zero-proof liquors are popping up left and right, bars and restaurants are starting to offer more interesting mocktail options, and magazines are trumpeting the trend (two of the three magazines I bought yesterday had sections on alcohol-free cocktails!).

The great thing about non-alcoholic cocktails is you don’t have to make special plans to enjoy them. Sunday night, lunchtime, and even first thing in the morning are all fair game, if the spirit moves you (pun intended).

Here are five zero-proof cocktails that you can enjoy any time:


1. Crodino Cocktail

This is my personal go-to. I stumbled onto Crodino somewhere or other and was intrigued by the tiny, golden bottle. Crodino is an Italian non-alcoholic aperitif that’s been made with the same recipe since 1965. It has the familiar complexity and slight bitterness of an alcoholic beverage, and is perfect for enjoying before dinner. This is my own spin on a classic Crodino cocktail.

1 bottle Crodino
1 mini can Fevertree Indian Tonic
2 orange slices
Dillon’s Orange Bitters (optional - leave out if you want your drink 100% alcohol-free)

Fill a large wine glass about 1/3 with ice. Gently squeeze the orange slices over the ice and then drop them into the glass. Pour in the bottle of Crodino, followed by the tonic water and a few drops of the bitters. Stir a couple of times with a spoon, and enjoy.


2. Cold Brew Highball

You can find all kinds of great non-alcoholic cocktail recipes on the Seedlip website (and Seedlip itself is available at Zehrs). This one spoke to me because it sounded like a perfect brunch cocktail, with its mix of cold brew coffee concentrate, grapefruit juice, and my favourite Fevertree tonic.


3. Summer Twang

I chose this one based solely on the name, but it's also super refreshing! Cantaloupe, honey, club soda, and apple cider vinegar make this a lovely after-dinner drink.


4. Cloudy Tokyo

Another great name. This one is a spin on the White Russian, with green tea, coconut milk, and coconut soda. Yum! (Follow the link above and scroll down - it’s the second recipe on the page.)


5. Retro Raspberry Lime Rickeys

Simple, thirst-quenching, and kid-friendly, this recipe is reminiscent of the drugstore soda fountains of the 1940s.






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