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4 Perfect Candle Pairings

4 Perfect Candle Pairings

It's no secret that the ShopEco community loves candles. We have an entire corner of the shop dedicated to offering you the candles of your dreams. It's a magical corner of aromatherapeutic pleasure that our customers (and staff) beeline to each day. There really is a candle for everyone, whether you prefer fragrances, essential oils, natural fruit essences, soy or vegetable wax blends, or cotton or wooden wicks.

If you consider yourself a fellow candle aficionado, let me introduce you to the art of candle pairings. Candle pairing is an enjoyable way to deepen your scent experience, enhancing the ambiance you are looking to communicate or an emotion you are trying to tap into.

There are so many pairings that our team has come up with and shared with each other. The combinations are endless. For those who are just starting to pair, the easiest approach is to pair candles within the same brand. This is because they are made by a maker with a singular vision and scent vibe, allowing multiple candles to flow together harmoniously. Generally, candles from the same brand won't overpower each other or have base notes that clash dramatically. When selecting your candles, envision what you are trying to say through scent. If you’re visiting us at the shop, hold them side by side and smell back and forth across them to see if they flow how you thought they would.

Another beginner tip is to keep scent profiles in the same family. For example, pair food and beverage scents together. More abstract scents that are fragrances should be carefully paired as they are generally robust on their own. Keep in mind the room you plan on scenting. This will also dictate your scent making decisions.

Once you come up with some simple and familiar pairings, you can get creative and start exploring with cross-brand pairings. This is where your scents can become really interesting because you are playing with scents from different visionaries, creating new depths of scent layers.

Not ready to create your own custom combos just yet? Read on and discover four of our favourite candle pairings that will ignite your senses:

The Sunday Morning Blend

Orange Grove by Himalayan Trading Co. + Espresso Patronum by My Weekend is Booked

Arguably the most comforting blend because there's no place like home on a Sunday morning! This blend will evoke leisurely memories of sleeping in, fluffy blankets, music, and a big breakfast because everybody is home. Combined, Orange Grove and Espresso Patronum smells like fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee, fresh fruit, and sweet breakfast delights. Ideal for those times when you crave the simple pleasures or feel nostalgic.

Scent Notes:
- Orange Grove: zesty orange, plum, pink grapefruit, and strawberries
- Espresso Patronum: creme brulee and espresso

The Floral Bouquet Blend

Jasmine + Green Tea by My Weekend is Booked + Rosebud by Mala the Brand

A sophisticated floral blend that is as refreshing as a springtime bouquet cut after the rains. This candle pairing offers the scent of delicate floral petals mingling with clean and earthy greenery. It will delight your senses and is lovely from midmorning through early afternoon.

Scent Notes:
- Jasmine + Green Tea: delicate jasmine, green tea, orange blossom, lily, bergamot, and petitgrain
- Rosebud: cream, rose water, tonka bean, cedarwood

The Forest & Berries Blend

Tonic of Wildness by My Weekend is Booked + Pomegranate by Faerhaven

This blend will help you bring the best of the great outdoors inside. Start your scent journey by burning the Pomegranate candle first. Due to the natural fruit essence used to develop this candle, the scent is on the softer side. Imagine you're foraging fresh berries in the forest for a refreshing campsite breakfast; the perfect way to start your day and fill your space with scent. Follow up by co-lighting the Tonic of Wildness candle to develop into a deep forest scent with crackling campfire. This pairing is about the journey, not just the destination.

Scent Notes:
- Tonic of Wildness: earthy, woodsy forest, firewood, and lake breezes
- Pomegranate: delicious juicy sweetness

The Sugar Overload Blend

Cupcakes & Confetti by Coal and Canary + Milk + Sugar by Mala the Brand

If you love the scent of sugary sweet confections, this pairing is for you. These candles pair perfectly without being sickly sweet. It's about balance. Together they will remind you of stepping into your favourite bakery where the frosting is sweet and the oven is warm.

Scent Notes:
- Cupcakes & Confetti: birthday cake, almond, and vanilla bean
- Milk + Sugar: vanilla, cinnamon, cream*

*In my humble child-of-the-80s-watching-Saturday-morning-cartoons opinion, this candle is reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. So good! If you want your mind blown, try burning Milk + Sugar with the Cereal candle, which smells precisely like Fruit Loops. It will remind you of fighting over the t.v. remote with your siblings.

Have you paired our candles before? Leave us a note below in the comment section and tell us your favourite scent combinations. Visit us in shop and we'll share some more of our favourites. 


Melissa Menard is a certified aesthetician with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. She enjoys all things French lifestyle, flowers, and a good lipstick (despite the mask mandate).
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