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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Skin Routine

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Skin Routine


The days are growing longer and we're on the cusp of a fresh new season. It's time to turn your thoughts towards sunnier days. But before you busy yourself with springtime reorganization projects and garden planning, take a moment to spring clean your skin routine with these three tips.
1. Lighten Up & Brighten Up

With warmer days ahead, shedding heavy layers applies beyond our wardrobe. With spring, the chapping winds of winter are replaced with warmth, rain showers, and a slight rise in humidity. These welcomed changes are a reprieve for most people's skin.

If you've been using multiple products to maintain your moisture barrier over the winter months it's time to lighten your routine. For example, instead of applying a hydrating serum followed by an oil serum, moisturizer, and SPF, consider removing the oil serum and allow your skin to adjust to the new season.

Perhaps you use a thicker-textured moisturizer or balm during the winter, particularly if you have combination skin. As you come due to replace your current moisturizer, switch back to your favourite spring-summer hydrator.

While you're shedding thick textures and heavy layers, take the opportunity to slough off a layer of dull dead skin with a new exfoliating product. Our shelves are brimming with some amazing new options and there is truly something for everyone. A fresh, radiant complexion is never off trend.

Pro Tip: For those looking to even the appearance of their complexion using a lighter touch at this time, try Face Glow Tinted Moisturizer by Graydon or a Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer by 100% Pure. You'll lighten your routine while adding luminosity to your skin with these multitasking hybrid products.

2. Skinimalism

Speaking of trends and reducing layers, South Korea's 'skinimalism' trend (known there as 'skip-care') has arrived and is taking over the skin care scene. It seems fitting that the nation that brought us the 10-step routine has also delivered its antithesis, much to the delight of skin care minimalists and pandemic-weary populaces.

Even dermatologists are happy about this trend. For years people have been overworking their skin with too many products that contain too many actives, leaving their skin sensitized and inflamed. If this is you, or if you're simply looking to streamline your routine, embrace the skinimalism trend with open arms.

The key is understanding your skin and what it needs most. Address the fundamentals of cleanse, moisturize, and sun protection and build out your routine from there. Those that have been experiencing chronic inflammation or breakouts may just give their skin the respite it needs to flourish.

3. SPF

Although sun protection should be used daily regardless of the season, for one reason or another a lot of people forego their daily SPF regimen during the winter. As winter weather gives way to sun-filled spring days, the invitation to head outdoors should go hand in hand with a sunscreen application. Not only does sun protection prevent skin cancer, it's also the easiest way to prevent premature aging and hyperpigmentation. As a preventative step, it's saving you money from needing to take future reparative action.

We're often asked when sunscreen products should be applied in the skin care routine. Sunscreen is always the final step in your morning routine. Your sunscreen should be applied without being mixed with moisturizer or cosmetics as it will reduce your sun protection. It's best to apply these products in separate applications.

Once you've applied sunscreen to your face and neck, add a slick of Hurraw's SPF15 lip balm across your lips. Hurraw's balm is perfect on its own or under your favourite lip colour and has a delightful tangerine chamomile flavour reminiscent of creamsicle.

It's been a long winter and you deserve all the splendour spring has to offer. With a refreshed skin care routine, you can check this off of your spring cleaning to-do list.

Looking to incorporate one of these tips into your routine but don't know where to start? Book a virtual consult to discuss your skin care goals and I'll help you develop a personalized routine.



Melissa Menard is a certified aesthetician with over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. She enjoys all things French lifestyle, flowers, and a good lipstick despite the mask mandate.

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