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3 Skin Care Changes You Need In September

3 Skin Care Changes You Need In September

While we still officially have a couple of weeks left of summer, September brings changes to the weather, and also our habits, that can affect your skin. To keep the fresh, hydrated glow you gained over the last two months of warmth, humidity, and lots of outdoor fun, your skin care routine requires a few tweaks.


Add a Hydration Boost

It’s not time yet to bring out the big guns, but lower humidity in September means your skin could start losing some of the dewiness it had in July and August. You can easily remedy this with a light, water-based hydration serum that you apply after cleansing and any more active serums you may already use, and before your moisturizer.

Two of our favourites are Cocoon Apothecary’s Nordic Boost Facial Serum and Antipodes’ Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin Plumping Serum.


Switch to a Lighter SPF

High temperatures and summer activities meant that a lot of us were using a water-resistant SPF, which tends to be somewhat thicker in texture. September’s cooler temps means we can switch to a lighter sunscreen that goes on easier and feels nicer on the skin. The new serum-based sunscreens are a perfect way to keep up your sun protection all year round - you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. Or you might choose an SPF-infused tinted moisturizer, which gives you protection, hydration, and a more even-looking skin tone with one application.

We love Ava Isa’s Sun-E-Serum SPF 35 and Coola’s Rosilliance Mineral BB+ Cream Tinted Organic Sunscreen SPF 30.


Bring Back the Hydrating Treatments

Sometimes parts of our routines can fall by the wayside during the carefree days of summer. Now is the perfect time to get back into the habit of applying a rejuvenating hydration treatment once or twice a week. You’ll keep your summer glow for longer, and head off the dryness and irritation that can pop up once the weather really starts to get cold. The great thing about simple hydration masks is that they feel wonderful and you can leave them on for as long as you like. This means you can multitask if you need to - pop on your mask and let it do its work while you vacuum the house, cook a meal, or call a friend.

Our go-tos are Artifact’s Egyptian Honey Rose Masque and Consonant’s HydrExtreme Charcoal Sheet Mask.


Bonus Tip: Keep Your Sunkissed Look

Sad to say goodbye to your bronzed glow? I’ll let you in on a super-easy secret: Eco Tan’s Face Tan Water Self Tanner goes on like a toner and doesn’t need to be rinsed off. Just apply it daily until you reach the shade you desire, and then continue two to three times a week to maintain it all fall and winter long. You can also keep your colour head to toe with their equally-easy Body Tan Water Self Tanner!


All of these tips are suitable for most skin types and should bring you success. However, if you have challenging skin issues such as acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, or very dry skin, there are other things you can do that will help you find relief. Consider booking a personal shopping appointment or virtual skin care consultation with our aesthetician, Melissa, for personalized advice tailored to your unique concerns and goals.

Take care of yourself,




Debra Purdy is the owner of ShopEco, a beauty and self care boutique located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Her mission is to help you thrive through self care you can feel good about. For more self care tips delivered to your inbox and a special birthday treat, click here to subscribe.

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